Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to build a Heckaman Home?

Your new home will have a guaranteed build and delivery time.  While factory production is based on production backlog, your home will be assigned a production week soon after the order for your home is received at the plant.  During production, Here at Countryside Homes, we are securing the building permit and scheduling the excavation and installation of your foundation and driveway in preparation for the delivery of your new home.  From the time you order your house until it is delivered, usually is about 4-5 weeks.  After delivery, our site work involves about another 4-6 weeks, depending what we are building on site (garage, porch, finishing upstairs of the cape cod, etc.)   So, from start to finish, you can be living in your new home in 60 to 90 days from date of order. 


What is a “True Modular” home? 

“True Modular” homes are homes that are built to the same state and local building codes as conventional site built homes, they are simply built “off-site” in a production plant and trucked to your property on special carriers and set on your foundation with a crane.  In several areas of construction, Heckaman Homes are built to exceed site built codes.  The area in which that is done is highlighted in our informational CD.  Please ask your local Heckaman Builder to mail or give you a copy.

You may have heard the terms “systems built” or pre-fab home as well.  These terms all mean basically the same thing.  These off-site stick built homes can be built in 1, 1 ½, or 2 story designs in many different configurations.  The sky is really the limit as to what can be built now in this innovative building system. 

These homes will be approximately 80% complete once they are crane set on your foundation.  A finish crew will complete the process by finishing any siding, roofing, and interior drywall finish that is necessary.  As licensed builders and general contractors, the staff at Countryside Homes will complete any additions to your home that you have agreed upon, such as garage, porch, deck, sunroom, or upstairs finish. 


Are Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes the same thing?

Definitely Not!  A manufactured home is built to federal standards governed by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  It is built on a permanent steel frame that can be used with or without a permanent foundation when connected to utilities.  This frame has the wheels attached in order to transport it to the site to be placed on blocks or a foundation.  The wheels and tongue are then removed, but can be reattached at a later time to move the home again, hence the name “mobile home” as used in the past.  Manufactured homes are considered “personal property” and come with a title the same as your car or truck.  Therefore they tend to depreciate in value over time, unlike modular or conventional construction, which is “real” deeded property, and will appreciate, or grow in value the longer you own it.   


Can I customize the home design or floor plan to fit my family’s needs?  What if I have a plan of my own that I like?

Yes, you can definitely customize these floor plans.  We consider our floor plans as simply “suggestions”.  We encourage our clients to modify them, or simply draw their own layout.  Heckaman Homes will custom engineer each print to fit their building system and your lifestyle needs.  We welcome any other plan you may have and will custom engineer it to be built in our building system. 


Do I have to own my land in order to build?

No.  We assist our clients in obtaining property and securing financing for land/home packages everyday.  If you own land, that is great.  Because banks have been appraising Heckaman Homes at well over construction cost, there is usually enough equity to create a land/home package that is easily financed with little or no money down, based on credit and equity in the land.


What steps do I need to take to get started?

The first step is to call to make an appointment at 269-628-5302 as well as visit and view potential floorplans. Once you have selected a plan you like, we will arrange a meeting to sit down with you and design a home that fits both your lifestyle and your budget. We will give you a written estimate and then do a site evaluation to determine if there are any conditions on your land that require special considerations.  When you have finalized your Heckaman Home plan, and price, the lender of your choice will approve a mortgage based on this estimate and your floor plan. 


What is the resale value of a Heckaman Home?

Heckaman Homes grow or appreciate in value, just like conventional on-site built homes.  In fact, most of the homes we build for our customers have several thousands of dollars in “instant” equity when they are appraised by the bank for their mortgage.  In other words, when the home is finished it appraises for more that it cost you to build it, depending on comparable homes and property values in your area.


What if I don’t see a floor plan that I like?

Heckaman Homes will custom engineer each floor plan to meet your needs.  If one of their plans cannot be altered to work in your lifestyle, then bring in a plan that you drew or another plan you have seen somewhere else and we will work with it.  Our goal is to build the home of your dreams for you, so show us what you want.  Our builder/owner, Kreg Kincaid, has many years of experience helping people design their homes and has built hundreds of homes for satisfied homeowners, so bring in your ideas and let us work with you to design your next home.


What about cost?  How do modular homes compare in cost to conventional site built homes?

The homes that we build save our homeowners anywhere from 15% to 25% from site built homes.  Because our homes are built in a production facility, costs are more controlled and materials are bought more in bulk.  We are able to pass on the savings to you, making your hard earned dollar go much farther.   You will also save money in heating and cooling over the years that you live in your home.  This is a result of the extra insulation and the measures that Heckaman Homes take to make your home energy efficient.  Heckaman Homes qualify as an “Energy Star” home and can save you money on your taxes with their construction techniques concerning energy savings.