A few of the reasons “Smart Construction” is the smartest move for you

Everyone wants to be “smart” when building their home---and when you make the decision to build, it’s even more important to make wise judgments on the many details that come with the territory.  “Smart Construction” features put many of your concerns to rest—you’ll reap the benefit of knowing that your custom-engineered home is built with higher quality construction standards and components than many conventional “stick built” homes.  

“Smart Move” 1: Speed!

Scheduled completion date for the building and delivery of you new home.  Site work construction is completed in 90 to 120 days after you finalize your plans.  This shortened construction time results in less interest paid on your construction loan and fewer draw fees.

“Smart Move” 2: Cost Savings!

Firm pricing from the beginning.  No “cost overruns” or material price changes during the course of construction, as often found in conventional construction. Also, system built technology takes advantage of the latest cost efficiencies and building practices, making it the best way to build today!

“Smart Move” 3: Names you know and trust!

Our brand name partners include Andersen Windows, Merillat Cabinets, Alside Siding, Congoleum Vinyl flooring, CertainTeed Shingles, Shlage locks, Moen faucets, and Owens-Corning insulation.

“Smart Move” 4:  Have it your way!

Custom built to your specifications, your new home is engineered just for you, reflecting the options, colors, and floor plan that you designed with the help of the staff at Countryside Homes.  Your stamp of approval is required on each print before production begins.

“Smart Move” 5: Long Term Quality

Smart Construction means total quality control. Built completely indoors, your investment is protected from all weather related damage as well as from issues with late or “no show” crews.  Everything is built using the latest technology and computerized saws, so every cut is precise.

Doors, windows, and cabinets fit perfectly—no air leaks, not gaps, no problems!  Your new home also comes with a 10 year limited structural warranty, so you can have peace of mind.